In today’s article you are going to learn how to properly prepare this kind of water and you will also read about some benefits of the combination of lemon and water.

According to the name ‘lemon water’ you can notice that you will need lemon and water to prepare it. But you can drink it hot or cold (according to your choice). You should not add sugar into this kind of water because that will destroy the benefits of this amazing drink.

Lemon water comes along with huge amounts of vitamin C and potassium and as well as flavonoids. Potassium can help you to normalize your blood pressure while flavonoids can keep your cells protected from any damage.

Here are the best five benefits of the lemon water

1. It can improve the health of your skin

Due to the antioxidants in the lemon water, it is effective in minimizing wrinkles, reducing aging and reducing blemishes. You can even try to applying a little bit of lemon water on the affected areas and that way you will reduce the visibility of the age spots and blemishes. Plus that way your skin will have its glow back again.

2. It is effective when it comes to cleansing the liver

Water is the secret of any detox diet plan and if you want to receive the desired results, you should drink huge amounts of water. But lemon water contains enzymes that are stimulating liver function and that will result in proper elimination of wastes from the body. Lemon water is effective in this case thanks to its cleansing properties. What makes lemon water even better when it comes to detox if weight loss plan, is the fact that it can keep you full for a longer period of time (it will reduce appetite) and it will reduce your cravings for food.

 lemon water

3. If you want to lose weight, lemon water can help you speed up that process

You can lose weight faster and easier if you use lemon water. As you might already know, to lose more weight you need to boost your metabolism and lemon water is really good at doing that. You will get the best results if you drink a cup of hot lemon water on empty stomach in the morning after waking up. If you want to lose weight you should start your day with a cup of hot lemon water and you will be really amazed by the results. The best part is that lemon water is tasty and refreshing myphvisit.com.

4. It will boost your immune system

As you might already know, in order to improve your immune system, you need to intake vitamin C, and one of the best sources of vitamin C is lemon or in our case it will be lemon water. What can help in neutralizing free radicals that are speeding up aging and can cause some diseases is vitamin C. That is why make sure you consume enough vitamin C every day. With consuming fresh lemon you can boost your immune system because only in one lemon there is over 180% of the daily needed amount of vitamin C. Besides that it will boost your immune system it will boost your energy levels as well.

5. It will improve the function of your digestive system

 Due to the acids in lemon water, it will slow down the digestion process (this is not a bad thing) and that way your body will have time to absorb all the needed nutrients.
In order to properly prepare it, you should squeeze the lemons (try to extract the maximum amount of juice) and to add the juice in a hot or cold water.