She Has Body Of A Girl, Face Of An Angel And She Is 60 Years Old – This is Her Secret!

One of the most beautiful blondes that we had the opportunity to meet through the screen is in the seventh decade of life, but those who do not know that behind porcelain complexion and charming facial features is hiding popular actress Kim Basinger – and if people do not know how old she has will certainly say that it comes to an 40 years old woman.

Yes, the owner of Oscar is located on the 12th place on the list of ‘’Playboy’’ for Most Desirable Women of the 20th century, and she is handling her years very well.

Kim Basinger discovered her secret for her fantastic look for the world’s tabloids

It is about these following five points:

-Do not expose the skin on sun for a longer period of time.

-Do not consume any kind of meat. Never.

-In the mornings do not wash your face. Why? -Because during the night the skin produces collagen, which is responsible for the youthful look.’’

-At least once in a month do exfoliation with sea salt.

-Put make up on, but in moderate amounts – so that others will not notice the makeup on your face.

Fascinating Salma Hayek also shared her secret with detailed explanation

Actress Salma Hayek also revealed the secret of good looks! The freshness of the face of this 46-year old actress is due to that same unusual habit – not to wash the face after waking up.

It is true that this Hollywood star looks much younger for her age but now we discovered her secret. ‘’My advice is to clean the face good in the evening’’, said Salma, writes ‘’Daily Mail’’.

‘’You don’t have to wash your face just you need to clean it good. There are excellent ways to do that. And I will reveal to you that I do not wash my face in the morning. Never! During the night the skin on the face is regenerating, and the fat needed for the skin to stay young is regenerating as well’’ explained the actress.

Instead of hygienic activity that is being practiced by almost the entire planet, Salma offered an alternative in the form of morning refreshments of the skin with adequate milk for face.