The Great Golden Milk!

Have you ever tried warm golden milk? Well many people around the world enjoy drinking it before sleeping or as a replacement for coffee after waking up.

If you never tried golden milk, you are going now to ask yourself ‘’What kind of milk is this?’’

That is why it is called golden milk

Well actually it is not a milk if milk is being defined as dairy product, but it is a mixture of coconut milk and warmed turmeric spice which is gold colored (and if you want you can add coconut oil) and that is why it is called golden milk.

Today turmeric is not only being used as a part of the sauces for meals but as a part of treating different health issues because it has medicinal properties. For many centuries turmeric has been used for medicinal outside of Western civilization. The golden milk is actually really beneficial since it contains turmeric and coconut milk and coconut oil.

Turmeric is offering more than one hundred therapeutic benefits to us and that is why some people call it ‘’spice of life’’.  Digestive issues, muscle problems, joint pain, liver disease, wounds, skin problems and respiratory issues are being solved by the help of turmeric by traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. The active compound in turmeric known as cucumin is the reason why turmeric is so beneficial. According to many studies cucumin can protect a person from many different diseases which means it can make people to be healthier. Turmeric can help you in the cases it inflammation and in the cases with high blood sugar levels. That is why it is recommended to especially drink golden milk if you are dealing with inflammation. And inflammation can be the cause for many chronic illnesses. Golden milk should be consumed regularly if you are consuming lots of processed foods, sugar and grains because they can cause inflammation and as we said golden milk can solve that problem. Study was made on people with metabolic syndrome and they were separated into two groups. People in the first group received placebo and people in the second group received gram of powdered curcumin each day for two months. After two months the results were that the first group (that received placebo) had higher inflammation and increased levels of sugar in the blood. This means that curcumin can be your natural and safe solution for inflammation. Curcumin is also known that I can modulate genes and that it can promote healthier cell function and that it can even destroy cancer cells. It can also maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Coconut milk and coconut oil on the other hand is high in lauric acid and when that acid is converted in the human body it can help in the cases with HIV, herpes, influenza and measles. These viruses can be all solved with the help of coconut or to be more specific by the lauric acid. Actually this acid is medium-chain fatty acid or MCFA and it can easily be digested by our bodies and it is being converted into energy immediately which means they are not going to be stored as fat. That is why according to researchers, lauric acid can help you to lose weight faster. Coconut milk is great source of many nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin C.

How to properly make golden milk? All you will need is a teaspoon of golden paste and two cups of coconut milk. Heat the golden paste in two cups of the coconut milk but make sure it does not boil and make sure to mix it well. After that you can add pinch of cinnamon or teaspoon of vanilla or teaspoon of raw honey if you want. To make the golden paste you will need five tablespoons of coconut virgin oil, cup of water, organic turmeric powder and teaspoon-and-a-half of black pepper. In a steel pot mix the black pepper, water and turmeric, after that stir and place it on the heat for around ten minutes and then paste should be formed. After that turn off the heat and add the coconut oil and mix it well and transfer the received paste into a glass jar and cover it and place it in your fridge for fourteen days.