The Health Benefits Of Kombucha!

Kombucha or also known as the ‘’Immortal Health Elixir’’, according to the Chinese legends can give immortality. Is this true or it is only in the legends? –Well this concoction that is over two thousand years old, throughout history earned excellent reputation. According to many people, kombucha can do so much for human health, from stopping joint pain and chronic crippling illnesses to stopping cancer.

From what actually is kombucha made?

It is made from a sweet tea that was though a process of fermentation by bacteria-yeast combination. Recently it only became known in Westernized culture.

In the early period of the 20th century it was tested and many studies were made by German and Russian scientists on the benefits of the kombucha. These studies were made because the number of people that had cancer started increasing rapidly then. According to the Russian experts, Russians were like immune to cancer because they used kombucha. And on the study it was proved that they were right and that kombucha is really effective in fighting cancer and on those studies was also found out what is the ingredient that can do that.

After the Russian studies, in Germany were also made some studies about kombucha and they added a few new discoveries to the benefits of kombucha. These studies actually lost focus when the Cold War started, and in the nineties the benefits of kombucha started to become popular in USA. But there were no studies made by USA because of the capitalism and no one in the pharmaceutical industry was interested of this because it does not worth a lot of money and because they would not have the wanted profit.

The access to the results from the studies that were made in Germany and Russia was available in Western countries and they were also translated to English.

Kombucha has a long history of being used even though there is information missing from some studies.

The benefits of this powerful drink known as kombucha

1. It can improve the immune system

Kombucha is effective in improving your immunity because it contains antioxidants that are essential for strengthening a person’s immunity system and because of that it can protect you from all the dangerous things out there. Besides improving your immunity, kombucha can improve your energy levels as well.

2. Kombucha is also effective in protecting your joints

What can help in treating and preventing almost all kinds of arthritis is the content of glucosamine in kombucha. How? –By increasing the creation of some acids that are effective in preserving cartilage and with that they prevent the pain caused by arthritis. This effective of relieving the pain is something similar if you compare it with the today’s medications for arthritis. Those acids we mentioned previously also help in keeping more moisture in the tissue and with that they will be heavier and with that they will keep the joints flexible because they are going to be lubricated. This will maintain the structure and it will lower the damage that is caused by free radicals.

3. Kombucha is one of the best detoxifying drinks in the world

Because of this kombucha is effective in protecting you from cancer because it will eliminate all the dangerous toxins from your organism. It is effective in this case because it contains glucaric acid and according to some studies that were made proved that exactly that lgucaric acid can prevent cancer. With changing your lifestyle and diet and with the help of kombucha you can be a healthier person and plus you will be protected from cancer.

4. Kombucha can improve your digestive system

Kombucha is actually probiotic because of the yeast and bacteria in it. This will improve your digestion and your mental health. And this is the reason why kombucha can fight anxiety and depression.