How To Improve Your Memory?

Today we are surrounded with many daily tasks, we face with work activities most of the time, so no matter how good memory we have sometimes we forget about something. While we are young we do not think about that, but we must actually feed the brain in order for our memory to stay on good level when we need it the most.

How to improve your memeory

How to do that, how to improve your memory?


Exercising, especially running is helping us to improve our memory. Some scientists made a research where they tested mice while running and they discovered that while running they secrete protein and vitamin B, and with them the neurons are fed. But if you are trying to remember something, for example a presentation, some researches show that the best way to learn the material, is to wait a few hours and then to exercise. That way you will remember what you have learned.

Consume healthy food for the brain

Walnuts are particularly good for improving the memory, and you can add them in your everyday diet. Some findings that appear in the journal about Alzheimer’s disease, suggest that antioxidants in walnuts way slow the decreasing of cognitive ability. Another excellent brain food is fish because it contains omega 3 fatty acids and they will to keep the brain in good condition.

Drink coffee

This is another reason why you should drink coffee. Studies are showing that caffeine is increasing the process of memory storage in the brain. Not only that you will remember many things, you will even have lower risk of death caused by cardiovascular diseases, neurological disorders and diabetes type 2.

Start with practicing naps

Researchers from the University of California discovered that autonomic nervous system that controls activities such as breathing, heart beating and digestion, help to boost your memory while you are sleeping. Sleep also helps for a short-term memory to become long-term. One nap a day can help you to think more flexibly.

Write notes

You should maybe return again to writing notes on paper and not on your smartphone or tablet. Studies discovered that writing notes on paper is helping to remember the material better, because that way more attention is used for the information.

Have a schedule for eating and do not eat at night

You should give up from the snacks in the evening. A study that is made in University of California discovered that eating late at night can affect the functioning of memory, especially on the ability to remember, to concentrate and to learn. A research made on a several mice showed that mice that ate according to a schedule had much better results when they got their memory tested from those that ate at unspecified time.

schedule for eating


Studies discovered that laughter can improve your memory, particularly in the adults. During this study, to the participants was played a funny video and after that they god their memory tested. The results were that laughter is reducing stress, which means that the ones who laughed had the better results than those who were indifferent to the video.

Practice yoga

Practicing yoga or meditation once a week can help your brain to function better. Yoga can make you happier it can increase your blood flow, improve your self-esteem and make you to concentrate better. Successful businessmen often start their day with yoga and they end their day with yoga.

Be busy

Researchers discovered that people that have busy lives have a better memory. Although the research is not showing that the activities throughout the day are protecting the brain.

Experience new things

What can actually improve the function of the brain is doing new things or some changes in your typical daily routine.

-Our brains constantly decide what is important to remember and what not. When you are in an extraordinary situation, the brain believes that that information is important and that is why it remembers it- said Dr. Douglas Fields, a neuropsychiatrist at the National Institutes of Health in America.

Even if you change the direction and go in another way to your work can help you to improve your memory.