How to Lower Your Chances of Getting Cold?

The big holidays are coming and what can cause you to be in a bad mood for these holidays? -Ending up with getting cold and flu. This will actually destroy your holiday spirit and you will not care about the holidays you will only want to solve the problem with the cold and flu. But why to treat it when you can prevent it on time? That is why we should be really prepared especially in this season of the year because this season is also known as the season of colds. You need to do everything to lower your chances of getting cold for the holidays.

Do you want to know the best way to protect yourself from getting cold? Well the best way of course is the help with vitamin C. That is why it is of a big importance especially during the winter days to consume vitamin C on a daily basis. Besides vitamin C there is another compound called Echinacea that can also boost your immune system and to protect you from colds and flu. The second one has another advantage and that is that it does not have to be consumed every day unlike the vitamin C.

There are many studies that actually found out that vitamin C packets, Echinacea tables, zinc lozenges and saline nasal sprays can actually lower the risk of getting the flu but what is unfamiliar here is the mechanism. But there is one thing that is definite and that is that vitamin C is the best thing that you can do against the common cold.
There are many compounds that are good in preventing the occurrence of the common cold but among all of them the vitamin C is the best since it has been the most researched and studied. You can reduce your risk of getting cold if you start taking 50 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis. Also for the people that are most of the time exposed to cold temperatures and for the people that are constantly being subjected to strenuous activities the vitamin c appeared to work especially well.

There are cases where even the person consumed vitamin C on a daily basis still ended up with getting cold but the symptoms were less severe and they were gone in a shorter period of time if you compare them to the ones that never consumed vitamin C supplements. It is not a smart move if you do not start consuming the vitamin C before getting the cold because then your body is weaker so the vitamins will not be effective as they are when you are in a good health condition. That is why you should start with consuming vitamin C when you do not have cold so you can prevent it and plus to obtain the best results possible from the vitamin C.

You can eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C and also there are vegetables that are also rich in vitamin C (many people do not know this) such as potatoes, broccoli, chili peppers and kale.

And another good immune-boosting compound is as we mentioned Echinacea. It is herbal supplement that got the ‘fame’ due to its immune-boosting properties. It is really effective in boosting the immune system but if it is being consumed for a longer period of time, that effectiveness will be lowered or there won’t be any kind of effect. That is why Echinacea should not be consumed every day, or in other words to use it only if you really have to. Those moments when you will really need to consume Echinacea are when you are prone or vulnerable to infections and that is when you are at a periods of unusual stress, or when there is a cold epidemic in your workplace or in your family, or when you are travelling to a new place and when you are meeting up with new people. Use Echinacea for maximum 8 weeks and after that you should make a break from it.