Scientists Discover That Taking An Anti-Inflammatory Probiotic Can Stop Cancer Cells Spread!

What can have the ability to inhibit the development of cancer according to a study that was made at the University of California are different types of gut bacteria and probiotic. In the article PLOS ONE was this researched published and on that study the researchers discovered evidence that certain strains of beneficial and anti-inflammatory gut bacteria and probiotic can help in slowing down and even stopping the development of certain types of cancer completely.

Cancer causes gene damage and inflammation and on that same study it was discovered that the beneficial gut bacteria reduced the gene damage and inflammation and that is why it is linked with cancer.

cancer and probiotic

The first one to discover the connection between the development of cancer and the gut bacteria is the study author Robert Schiestl. And the study we are writing about was more focused on the way how that connection occurs.

Mice that had a neurological disorder (ataxia telangiectasia) were included in both of the studies. Why with that disorder? -Because it is associated with susceptibility to cancers such as lymphomas, leukemia and more.

The mice were separated into two groups by the researchers. The first group of mice received a mix of inflammatory and anti-inflammatory bacteria (that can be normally found in the intestines), while the second group of mice received ONLY the beneficial anti-inflammatory bacteria.

probiotic and gut bacteria

The results were that the cancer of the second group of mice (that received only beneficial bacteria) needed a longer period of time to develop unlike the first group (that received mix of both).

On the latest study the mice’s feces and urine was analyzed, or to be more specific the metabolites in the feces and urine. Metabolites are popular for preventing cancer and in the mice that received only the beneficial bacteria produced those metabolites. The mice that received only the beneficial bacteria even had a more efficient oxidative metabolism, and when the researchers discovered that they came to a conclusion that that leads to more effects for prevention of cancer.

According to Robert people can prevent cancer with a natural and non-invasive way thanks to that evidence. He also said that the beneficial bacteria that they made the study for in many food products can be found, specifically the strain Lactobacillus johnsonii. According to Robert Lactobacillus can make a great sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha and kefir.