Signs Of A Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction. In order for the cells to function properly, they use sugar as ‘fuel’. This means that their energy is actually sugar. This means that sugar is important for our entire body to function properly. But the human body needs homeostasis and that is a balance of sugar, salt, nutrients and water. And if any of these comes in excessive amounts in the body, it might cause some serious health problems. Back in the past, people mostly got their sugar from the fruits. And these fruits that are packed with fiber and nutrients slowed down the process of digestion and the people then were not consuming excessive amounts of sugar because of that. The fiber is known because of the fact that it can keep us full for a longer period of time.

But refined sugars became part of our lives in the last century. They are present not only in the muffins and cakes, but almost in any kind of food we eat today. Today if you not consume raw fruits, vegetables and meat, you might end up consuming added sugars that you don’t even know about.

That is why it is important to know if you are addicted to sugar. In this article you will read about some signs that are indicating that a person is addicted to sugar.

Tired for no reason

1. Feeling tired all the time without proper explanation – If you have been all day at home lying down on the couch and you still feel sleepy and tired, then it might means that you are addicted to sugar. This can happen because the body gets used to excessive amounts of sugar for its energy and that is why you will feel sleepy and tired. So if you have not been working out, or you have been doing some physical activities at home, and you are still tired, you should be careful.


2. If for example you have not consumed any refined sugar for a few days and you start having headaches or you do not feel well, it might mean that you are addicted to sugar. Why? Because when the body gets used to excessive amounts of sugar all the time in the body, it will freak out when you cut that sugar immediately.

Body fat

3. Your body will store the excess energy as a fatty tissue and later on that fatty tissue will need a long time in order to break down. In your muscles is as well sugar being stored but as glucose. So if you are consuming excessive amounts of refined sugar and you started noticing that you have more body fat, then it means that your body started storing the excessive amounts of energy as fat.

Sugar craving (sugar addiction)

4. If you are craving for sugar most of the time, then it might indicates that you are addicted to sugar. The brain responds similarly to sugar as to addictive drugs

Mood swings

5. Mood swings are another indicator for sugar addiction. How is this possible? Well because your blood sugar level changes it might cause mood swings. You are addicted to sugar if you need constantly to consume any ‘sweet-food’ in order to keep your mood stable.

Starchy foods

6. If one of your favorite foods is starchy food, it might mean that you are addicted to sugar. Bread, French fries, pasta and potato chips are some of the few starchy foods that are consumed on a daily basis all around the globe today. How is even related to sugar? Well starches will be transformed into sugar right away but these foods do not have the needed protein and fiber in order to slow down that process of ‘transforming’ the starches into sugar. And if you consume these foods most of the time, without consuming vegetables that are rich in fiber, you might be addicted to sugar.