How To Stay Healthy When Your Kid Is Sick!

Parents never want to see their kids being sick, but kids are prone to cold and flu since their immune system is still not strong enough. And when the kid gets sick, the parent is taking good care of that kid. But what happens when just like the kid, the parent gets sick too? That is one of the worst feelings ever – if you are a parent and experienced that you will understand what we are trying to say. And when the kid gets some kind of infection or a virus that can be easily transmitted to you, then you should follow some tips that you will read about them in the article below.

How To Stay Healthy When Your Kid Is Sick

What you will need to do if you want to stay healthy when your kid is sick

Here is what you will need to do if you want to stay healthy when your kid is sick so you can take good care of your sick kid:

Limit the close contact

Start with limiting the close contact with your sick kid. You should understand that the more you touch your sick kid, the bigger the risk of you getting the same virus or infection. Dr. Jonathan Kerr recommends that the parents should not kiss their little baby on the mouth when the little baby is sick. He is giving advices that instead of doing that, that you should stroke the hair or rub the back of their kids.

Wash your hands all day long

You should wash your hands more often when you are taking care of your sick kid. You should wash your hands especially after you wipe your sick kid’s nose, or after picking the kid’s toys or when you take away the kid’s lunch tray. Dr. Lebel explained how actually the parents are getting the virus from their kids in most of the cases and that is when the parent touches his/hers nose or eyes after handling the sick kid. Wash your hands really good so make sure you scrub every area of your hands even the area between your fingers. At the end to turn the tap off you should use paper towel or your elbow (not your hand) because if you use your hand there is a risk that you will put yourself at risk again.

Get yourself immunized

You should get immunized so you create a ‘’barrier’’ so the flu from your kid cannot get to you. You should get immunized before your kid gets all the symptoms because that way you will provide yourself the best protection possible.

Clean up the virus so it can’t languish

Faucets, cupboard handles, doorknobs and toys can ‘’have’’ the virus and that way you can get it. That is why it is of a big importance to clean all the surfaces that have been touched by your kid that has the flu. You should clean them with a household soap or any disinfectant. You should use virus-killing facial tissues for runny noses and coughs.

Show your kid where coughs go

You should show your kid where coughs should actually go. You should not teach your kid to cough into your hand, because that is maybe politely but also really unhealthy. If your kid is old enough to learn, you should teach the kid to cough into a tissue. If you want to teach your kid to do that, you should be an example to your kid, so make sure you are doing that in front of your kid. If your kid is not old enough to control the coughs, when the kid is coughing make sure you turn your head, especially when you are really close to the kid. As we already mentioned above, kids do not have strong immune systems as adults and that is why they secrete more virus particles and that is why you should do that.

Care for yourself, not just your kid

Every parent should take care not only for the kid, but for himself/herself. Take care of yourself actually means that you really care about your kid because you want to be in a good condition whenever your kid needs you, especially when you need to stay up all night when your kid is sick. If you are parenting with a partner then if you want to reduce the risk of both of you getting the virus, then you should share the caregiving.