The New Super-foods For Weight Loss

Here are some foods that should be part of your diet because they are really healthy and can improve your overall health and plus you can lose weight easier with their help.

Super-foods For Weight Loss

1. Kiwi

This little but powerful fruit can be your solution for your sleeping problems. Studies were made in Taiwan where people that had sleeping problems were tested and they received two kiwis an hour before sleeping and the results were that quite outstanding. The insomniacs slept better than ever. According to experts, kiwi is effective in this case because of the content of serotonin and antioxidants that can help in improving your sleep. You can prepare yourself a smoothie with two kiwis and cup of warm vanilla almond milk (without adding sweeteners). This smoothie will be around 120 calories.

2. Fermented cauliflower

When it comes to losing belly fat, cauliflower is quite popular in that topic. In 2015 a study was made where women that received daily serving of cauliflower were tested and the results were that they weighed 1.37 pounds less for each additional serving. It was also discovered that what can help with weight control are variety of probiotics. And when cauliflower is left to ferment in brine it can become infused with probiotics that are actually going to improve the balance of bacteria in the gut and that as we mentioned will have positive effect not only on the size of your waist but on the entire weight. These probiotics are also extremely effective in reducing the cholesterol and as well as boosting the metabolism and immune system. In some cases they can even be effective against some types of cancer. Wildbrine is one of the best brands for fermented cauliflower and you can combine it with omelets, baked potatoes, turkeys, tacos and salmon burgers.


super foods for weight loss

3. Jackfruit

Why is this tropical tree fruit effective in speeding up your weight loss process is the fact that it contains antioxidant known as resveratrol that is effective in doing that. At Washington State University, back in 2015 was made a study on mice. These mice had diet that had 0.1 percent of this antioxidant and the results where that they converted their excess white body fat, which is the type of fat that can cause many problems, into metabolism-revving beige fat. If you have around two to three servings on a daily basis of this antioxidant you will intake the needed daily consumption. You can use fresh jackfruit, freeze-dried, dried or frozen.

4. Coffee

Not only that it can boost your metabolism but it will make your workout even more effective because caffeine has been proved that it can increase the amount of calories that a person is burning. You can do that with around 300 mg of coffee. You can not only drink a cup of coffee but you can also combine brewed coffee with chicken breast and veggies and to add chili powder, olive oil, sea salt, garlic and pepper as well.

5. Sorghum

This is a gluten-free grain and it is one of the most beneficial grains in the world. You can eat it whole and with that to obtain all the benefits it can give. You can prepare it like popcorn because it can be popped or you can ground it into flour for baking.

6. Pulses

Many people never heard of pulses. According to studies with having extra five cups of pules each week can be even more effective than cutting 500 calories on a daily basis. These pulses are also effective in boosting HDL cholesterol. They are also good source of fiber. You can squeeze in a serving by snacking on roasted chickpeas or lentil crackers.