Top Superfoods For New Mothers

If you are pregnant, then you should have a healthy lifestyle and diet and that is not only for you, but for your baby as well. But even for the new mothers it is really important to have healthy lifestyle and diet because that way they will recover from labor and they will have the energy do deal with the pressure and stress that comes along of being a parent. That is especially important to the women that are breastfeeding because that way the baby will receive all the needed nutrients so it can develop and grow healthy. With having healthy lifestyle and diet you are going to help your body to produce breast milk. It is important to mention that breastfeeding can reduce the baby’s risk of dealing with ear infections, respiratory illnesses, asthma and allergies.

In this period of your life, you should increase the intake of some foods in order to give your baby the needed nutrients.

Here are the top superfoods for new mothers

1. Spinach – Nursing mothers should consume almost all leafy green vegetables, but spinach is of a special importance because it is great source of vitamin A which is really important for the baby. Also what can help in producing of new blood cells is the folic acid and spinach contains it. This is important not only for the baby, but for the new mother as well because of the blood loss during the delivery and plus it helps in production of the milk.

The manganese in spinach is also worth mentioning in this case because it helps in the development of bone, cartilage and collagen and this is especially important for women that are recovering from C-sections. Last but not least, spinach is great source of iron, calcium and vitamin C. You can make yourself vegetable soup or salad or to drink a juice made of spinach.

2. Eggs – As we all know, eggs are one of the best sources of quality protein and also amino acids. This is going to give you the energy to finish all your activities as a new mother. Egg yolks are great source of vitamin D and vitamin D is needed for improving the health of your bones and for the baby’s bones. Eggs contain choline which is important for building the memory center of the brain of the newborn.

You should have around two eggs on a daily basis and you can consume them with preparing omelet or you can consume them hard boiled or scrambled.

3. Blueberries – This fruit is one of the best sources of antioxidants and that can protect you from the damage of free radicals and that way you are as well going to protect your baby. There are numerous needed minerals and vitamins in blueberries, especially important for the women that are breastfeeding their baby. You will boost your energy levels as well due to the healthy dose of carbohydrates.

You can have two or more servings of blueberries on a daily basis.

4. Oatmeal – This food can be digested by your body very easy and it is high in fiber and plus it is natural whole-grain. It is rich in iron and that can be helpful to prevent iron-deficiency anemia, which many new mothers are dealing with. You can combine your freshly cooked oatmeal with fresh fruits, raw honey, saffron or cardamom.

5. Brown rice – Your sugar levels will be normal if you consume brown rice on a regular basis. It contains fiber and carbohydrates that can improve the quality of the breast milk. In order to make the brown rice easier to digest, you should soak the grains for a couple of hours.