Top Superfoods That Prevent Breast Cancer!

One of the types of cancer that in most of the cases ends up with being fatal is none other but breast cancer. The number of people dealing with breast cancer is increasing year by year and by 2020 it is predicted by experts that the number will be even more higher (that one in eight women will have increased risk of breast cancer).

Development of Breast Cancer

To the development of breast cancer, many factors have a role from genetics to lifestyle and diet.

That is why it is important we all learn how to lower our risk of this deadly disease. You need to have a healthy lifestyle and to avoid consumption of alcohol, to quit smoking, to maintain a normal weight, to avoid exposure to environmental pollution, to exercise regularly, with avoiding exposure to radiation, and last but not least to have regular tests and checks with your doctor. It is important to mention that some experts believe that breast feeding can lower the risk of breast cancer.

What seems to lower the risk of this disease the most is having a healthy diet because there are foods out there that can help you in the battle with malignant cancer cells before the breast cancer starts developing. That is why this article will be dedicated to the foods that can prevent breast cancer.


Besides breast cancer, spinach is great against stomach, mouth and esophagus cancer as well. Why is spinach so effective with these types of cancer? It is because in contains antioxidant known as lutein and that it contains carotenoids and zeaxanthin and these two can remove unstable molecules that are known as free radicals from your organism before they do any harm. In order for you to lower your risk of breast cancer you should consume spinach a couple of times each week. You can prepare yourself a salad with spinach or you can consume it steamed or sautéed. You can as well enjoy spinach in your soups. You can also combine it with other green leafy vegetables and to improve your overall health like kale, romaine lettuce, Swiss chard, and collard greens.

Spinach prevent breast cancer


Postmenopausal women can protect themselves from breast cancer with the help of tomatoes, according to a study that has been published in Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Tomatoes are effective in this case due to the presence of lycopene in them and that is really powerful antioxidant that can stop the cancer cell to grow and that can prevent the breast cancer. Tomatoes are also effective in the cases with some other types of cancer such as endometrial and lung cancer.


We all know that turmeric is mostly beneficial due to its active compound curcumin and curcumin can be effective against many types of cancer such as skin, breast, lung and gastrointestinal cancer. With enriching the flavor of your meals with a little bit of turmeric powder you can obtain the great benefits of curcumin. You can either do that or you can try to eat a little bit of raw turmeric with a glass of water on empty stomach after waking up. Or you can also try with boiling one tablespoon of turmeric powder in quart of water for around 10 minutes and to drink it. It is important to mention that people that are taking blood thinners or people that are dealing with gallbladder issues should first consult with their doctor before taking turmeric.

Turmeric prevent breast cancer

Flax seed

What can be really effective against cancers that are depending on estrogen (such as breast cancer) is flax seed. That is so due to content of lignans in flax seed and because of the content of essential omega-3 fatty acids which can protect you from the cancer cells that can develop into breast cancer.

Flax Seed prevent breast cancer